Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Arm Moves In Wrestling

By Owen Jones

There are many arm moves in wrestling, the most well-known of which are the arm drags, arm swings, arm breakers and over the shoulder arm drags. Another wrestling arm manoeuvre is the arm bar take down. The arm bar works by forcing the opponent's arm downwards.

The challenger feels the strain about the shoulder area and the assailant will grip the arms extending the arms length wise. The shoulder is eventually dropped to the mat. This is a pin in most instances unless the wrestler can wriggle his/her way out of the hold.

The arm breaker manoeuvres include the slamming of the arms, typically on a part of the opponent's body where it will cause some pain. Typically, the pin ends with the scissors hold, where the wrestler's legs, crossed over the challenger's body, are used to hold his/her shoulders down to the mat.

The various moves and holds look painful in the ring, but the fact is that the moves are all show, i.e. a theatrical display to get attention. The actors rehearse their scenes long before they get into the ring and are shown how to send 'signals' to end the bout when they wish to.

The wrestling moves seem real on television, because the cameras and other distractions, including models, divert the attention of the audience. Wrestling is really quite similar to how magicians work. Magicians rehearse their stage act before they take to the stage. There is always a gimmick or an explanation, yet the magician does his act so smoothly and the audience is so distracted, that the magician makes people believe that he or she is doing the thing for real.

The 'arm drags' involve the assailant getting the opponent in a hook move and then flipping the challenger down onto the mats. Most of the manoeuvres are devised by one or the other of the wrestlers and sometimes it may become a popular move and so taken up by others. Two of the older moves are the Gallatin and the Banana Split

The 'over the shoulder' move ought to be called the 'body slam' since the opponent throws the challenger over his shoulder, slamming him/her down onto the mat. Previously, this wrestling manoeuvre was probably in the group of 'slammers', but today it is called the shoulder-arm throw move.

The 'wringer; is another of the arm moves in wrestling that is often called the 'spin wrist lock hold'. This move is often followed by the Irish Thrash moves, mallet locks or gouges.

A few other arm moves include the arm stretches, arm breakers, arm wringer, arm locks, arm bar and arm scissors. While the arm moves are very well-known in the ring, there are many moves you may see today that you would never have heard of when wrestling first had its beginning in ancient days. The Amityville Horror is one of wrestling's more modern moves. Although, I haven't figured out what this move entails, we shall look at it together.

Right now, from what I see the Amityville Horror is just a ploy to lead people into renting or buying the movie. As for the moves, I did see it listed in the list of wrestling moves; however, as for now no information is available to learn what this move entails. The moves are basically brands from the wrestlers, therefore what I'm assuming is that the wrestler felt he had acted out one of the most horrific moves in wrestling, so he named it the Amityville.

Why do some moves get roaring applause? Well, it can start when a wrestler in the ring brings in something new and it becomes his trademark, popular final move in bouts.

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