Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Skills Looked For In A Software Engineer

By Tashia R. Martinek

If you are aspiring to get into Software Engineering, you have got to first know what it is. Software engineering deals with designing, developing and implementing software applications which are developed as per the requirements of a client.

Whether you wish to get into the designing side, developing program , testing or implementation, a professional degree and qualifications in software side is very essential without which you will not be able to perform a job as this is a very highly technical job. A basic engineering degree in computer science is a must.

In different countries the professional degrees are named differently. In UK you have the licenses for software engineers while in Canada you have the Professional Engineer designations. In most countries a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering is common.

A software engineer would need to identify his inclination and join a particular branch in Software Company. Most software companies have departments that deal with project management, design development, coding and programming, software testing, implementation and maintenance as well as training, technical writing and QC etc.

Software languages and processes of development keep changing rapidly. The software developed also goes through various versions with subsequent improvements and modifications.

The job function in the entire software organization is well defined and calls for niche expertise. You cannot take a programmer and get him to work in a hardware section or take a hardware engineer and get him to do project management. Each job calls for specific skill sets.

The software application development and implementation includes various disciplines and project teams all working in tandem under the central co-ordination and control of project managers as well as program managers who direct, control , monitor and own the delivery of projects with the help of programmers, testers, implementation team, system administrators as well as hardware administrators and many more teams.

The softwares keep changing and new designing principles are continuously being introduced with every project. Thus the programmers as well as other technical engineers are continuously trained to keep updated with new systems and applications.

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