Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Send a Kid to Summer Camp?

By Lonnie Lorenz

This question wouldn't even occur to most people who went to summer camp as a child ~ most of them can tell you long cherished stories they still remember in detail. The memories of summer camp are reminders of experiences with a lifetime's worth of value. Picking a Summer Camp

Children's camp can provide a child with opportunities for never ending daily fun the way few other places can. Pure, nonstop fun would be reason enough for anyone to want to be at a sleep away camp, but resident camp offers even more to a child's unfolding life, and the best camps offer a wealth of benefits. Science Summer Camp

Summer camps are healthy! Exercise is a part of any child?s life of play, and camp is a natural provider of constant, safe, imaginative physical play. This brings opportunities for every camper's intellect and imagination to get plenty of exercise at the same time.

Summer camp offers a wonderful template for kids to learn the skills of social interaction in a more creative and independent way than school settings allow. Still gently guided by adult role models called counselors, campers get an chance to apply what they have been taught at home in a independent world.

Speaking of value, given our current economy sleep away camp is easily the most affordable summer care choice available. Camp is so much more than childcare. It's a place and time for kids to gain independence, enhance their skills, make new friends and above all have fun.

Campers discover their own capacities and grow into them, setting newer and higher standards for their own behavior themselves. The camp context encourages perseverance, listening skills, teamwork, recognizing similarities and appreciating differences. A pattern of self discovery that that is uniquely nurtured and developed at camp becomes a lifelong habit.

Sleep-away camp is an opportunity for each child to come to a new place and try new things while making new friends. Everyone starts as an equal with a chance to just be them self. Summer camp is so much more than the most affordable childcare choice parents can make?

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