Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How To Find Free Online GMAT Study Sites

By Ajay Mane

Online GMAT study sites are all over the place. A number of them offer free study preparation. Since the GMAT is used by nearly 2000 business schools you want to be certain that the site you pick out is accredited whether it is free or not. And since you will be passing between 3 and 6 months prepping, you won't want to throw that hard work out the window on a bad one.

Study materials are accessible on the Internet and offer a mixture of techniques to get you ready for the real exam. There are study guides and practice tests. A lot of these free sites will have more materials accessible for a fee.

There are a lot of sites that provide this kind of assistance. You will have to wade through a constant barrage of ads and sales pitches meant to get you to buy other goods that may not be officially approved for GMAT study. So be cautious.

The official GMAT site is Here you will find materials from the Graduate Management Admission Council. Many downloads are free and you can register for the actual exam on site. Business schools can contact you about their programs if you fill in a profile. You will also find products you can buy.

The Princeton Review is another accredited place to study for free. They provide a full-blown practice test, strategy sessions and a forum on entering into a business school. They also have items for purchase.

Other accredited sites are close to UTM, the University of Tennessee at Martin. Their program has 23 modules to go through. They give you feed back on incorrect answers and have valuable links to other sites. U of Miami School of Business also provides a sample GMAT test each month.

You can locate a lot of options out there for online GMAT study programs. Be sure the one you spend your time on is worthwhile. If you are planning to spend cash as well, check the fine print, twice.

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