Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello Is Chinese Is A Fast And Effective Method

By Semmy Buck

It is quite easy for a foreigner to say hello in Chinese. Having learnt to say ' 'ni hau' one can greet people merrily in the streets, in shops and restaurants. The problem arises when the novelty of saying hello wears off and one wishes to advance beyond the purely phatic reaches of conversation.

Proficiency in a language, however, demands more than greeting and thanking people. One needs to be able to pronounce a large number of words intelligibly, and in appropriate contexts. One needs to understand the effect of tones when trying to instruct, inform persuade, discuss and express feelings and emotions. An understanding of culture, history, popular culture and contemporary manners will help to avoid misunderstanding and offence.

The satisfaction that comes with competency makes it well worthwhile to learn a beautiful language like Chinese. Having been written and read for roughly twice as long as English it contains a richness that comes from use in civilized contexts. Reflections of philosophy, art, science and sewn into the language like patterns into a quilt. English also has such qualities but many come from classical Greek or Latin. These are dead languages though, and Chinese is a living language used in contemporary political, economic and social discourse. In fact one has to search quite hard for reasons not to learn the language.

An online course known as Rocket Chinese promises rapid learning. A review of the course materials suggests that explosive progress could at least be possible if the course could be combined with daily practice. Even if this is not possible an interesting and fun-filled learning experience could be had.

The communicative approach to language teaching is manifest in the first component of the course. Thirty one interactive audio lessons can be accessed from CDs, and are available online or through hand held gadgets. These lessons can be used whenever a learner feels inclined and they last about half an hour each. This is long enough to learn something worthwhile without taxing the powers of concentration too much. Contexts in which the language is used in ordinary life allow for learners to practise and learn the language in a relevant way.

The second component of the course comprises another sequence of lessons dealing with the cultural aspects of the language. Knowledge of these aspects will help a user to avoid giving offence or causing embarrassment as he will have a better idea of linguistic manners.

There are other valuable components to the Rocket course. A twenty four hour service allows for learners to connect with native speaking tutors who can assist with such essential aspects of usage as tone and pronunciation. Tests can be accessed to measure progress and there is a whole collection of games that allow for one to expand a vocabulary of useful words. Playing the games is instructive and enjoyable

The Hello in Chinese course offers a typically Chinese way of doing things. It is no mistake that the country has become the workshop of the word notwithstanding its refined culture. The quick and efficient manufacturing processes seem to be replicated in this learning course and one is encouraged to try it out. In fact free trials are offered and the online site often offers discounts on what is already a reasonable price.

Be sure to check out Rocket Chinese as best online course for learning chinese, and come back here to post your comments about it. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Best of Luck, Semmy Buck

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