Saturday, March 5, 2011

Find Out Truth About CNA Certification Process

By Kevin Mai

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is the person who works under the supervision of a registered nurse. CNAs are often called nurse aids or orderlies. In the healthcare setting, they are responsible for direct patient care. They perform basic nursing procedures such as vital signs taking, intake and output monitoring, bathing patients, feeding patients, wound dressings, weight taking and all other basic procedures that patients may need at bedside. If you are aspiring to become a CNA, you have to go through the entire CNA certification process before you will be able to practice your profession.

The CNA certificate program is composed of both lectures and hands-on of different nursing skills. These will be done within the schools premises. After equipping the students with all the necessary knowledge and skills, they are then allowed to have their clinical exposure.

In the first part of the CNA certificate program, you will have to attend lectures about different subject matters such as anatomy and physiology. You need to have a full grasp of the unique functions of the different parts of the body in order for you to be able to understand the mechanism of the different disease processes. You will also be oriented on the numerous medical terms that will be used in the clinical setting.

Aside from the lectures, students will also be taught about different procedures that are done at bedside. This would include simple tasks such as taking of pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and temperature. They will also be taught other tasks such as feeding the patient, bathing the patient and all other basic tasks done at bedside. During this time, students are prepared for their exposure at the clinical area.

The third phase of the CNA certificate program is the clinical exposure. You will be exposed to different hospitals and clinics. You will have to finish a maximum of 75 hours of supervised clinical exposure. During this time, you will be oriented on the usual clinical or hospital routines. You will also be oriented about your different functions and responsibilities.

The certification exam was created by different boards of nursing in order to ensure that nursing assistants are highly equipped with the necessary nursing knowledge and skills which will help in the promotion of their own welfare and that of the patients. This will help ensure that they will not endanger their own welfare and that of the patients in anyway.

The hands on portion will require you to demonstrate five nursing procedures from a list of twenty-five. The five different nursing skills will be chosen randomly. If you are able to successfully pass the certification exam, you may already start practicing as a certified nursing assistant.

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