Monday, March 21, 2011

Points On Seeking For A Teaching Assistant

By Lanny J. Moll

Most often professors and teachers do engage teaching assistants to help out in the class. In such cases it becomes important that both you and the assistant are in sync with each other and on the same wavelength so that both of you know what is required to be done so that the pupils are benefited.

The job of the teaching assistant is to help you manage the work with the pupils and handle the entire class. But always remember that the responsibility of the students lies with the teacher alone and not the assistant. The assistant can never replace the teacher and would have to strictly work under teacher's guidance and supervision.

It takes a while for both the teacher and the assistant to work together in tandem. After starting to work for a few days each one gets to know the other better and recognize the strength and weaknesses and team up together.

It helps to build the teaching plan, the lessons as well as the aids and exercises together so that it is clear to both of you.

You can divide the responsibility and the work between the two of you so that the assistant is given independent responsibility and charge too.

Make it a point to go through with your assistant on the proposed projects, lessons and the subjects as well as the resources and aids so that both of you are better prepared to handle the class. Once done, always review the performance to see where the gaps are and what can be improved for the next time. It is important that you thank your assistant and appreciate the good work put in before the entire class.

When you show respect and the right attitude, your students will automatically learn to behave in the same manner.

It is a good habit to discuss with your assistant on how to improve the classes further and invite her suggestions and allow her to implement her ideas as well. Remember that it can be a quality group effort if you allow it.

You should always remember to give assignments to your assistant in small bits and pieces and do not over load him or her. If they fail to deliver as per expectations then it will be your failure too and doesn't help the class at all.

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