Sunday, March 13, 2011

Three Types Of College Scholarships

By Bob Morgan

For countless students and parents, finding a scholarship to pay for university may be a life saver. Depending on the student's aptitude affiliations and university of choice, there may be many college scholarships programs available. In spit of this, getting a scholarship can be a crap shoot for even the most qualified student

College scholarships may be classified into three dissimilar segments. The three dissimilar types of scholarship are academic, which are administered through the university, athletic, which are also through the university, and affiliate which are administered through private organizations. Athletic scholarships are regularly administered by the various athletic departments within the university system and used to attract qualified students into specific competitive sports programs. For the competent student, athletic scholarships are good vehicles to pay for the bulk cost of tuition as well as participate in athletics component of the university experience. In addition to well-known team sports, countless universities have scholarship packages in place for a variety of sports. In addition to the primary team sports, it is not uncommon for a university athletics program to have scholarships available for students that play golf, badminton, and occasionally even table tennis.

Academic scholarships are another routine source of tuition funding for qualified students These programs are often administered through specific academic departments in within the university, and like the sports scholarships, are designed to attract qualified students into specific fields of study. Just as athletic scholarships are awarded to competent athletes, academic scholarships are given to students who excel at specific academic pursuits.

A final group of scholarships can be lumped into the term affiliation scholarships. Depending on the executor of the scholarship, associate scholarship programs are designed to help students that are affiliated with the specific organization defer some or all of the cost of tuition. Although helpful, affiliate scholarships seldom completely offset the cost of tuition. For affiliation scholarships, the students very often need to be affiliated with the trustees of the scholarship in some fashion in order to qualify. By way of an example, a scholarship offered through a corporation may only be available to the children of corporate workers. As another example, specific trust may grant scholarships to eligible students of a specific ethno-economic background.

Regardless of where the scholarship came from, the financial benefits to the student are welcome and well defined. Although qualifying for any of the three classifications of scholarship may be a challenge, and the actual population of students that receive scholarships is small, these packages have been enormously helpful for generations of students.

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