Saturday, March 12, 2011

What To Expect At Dental Assistant Courses

By Theresa Mounce

Becoming a dental assistant is a great career move as it is a steady industry and generally provides a good working environment. There are various dental assistant training courses that you can attend, but it is a good idea to know what to expect from the course before signing on.

There are almost 300 000 dental assistants in the United States alone and it is an industry that is expected to grow over the foreseeable future. The great thing about this industry, is like most other health related fields it is a recession proof career that is largely immune from the effects of how the general economy is performing.

So what is it that a dental assistant actually does on a daily basis? In a dentist's surgery they are responsible for undertaking a wide variety of tasks. They interact with patients and prepare them for their procedures, prepare equipment and ensure that it is hygienic, help the dentist during appointments, use x-ray equipment, make appointments with clients and meet with medical suppliers and representatives.

The type of person that this career would be right for is someone who is interested in health and they are detail oriented and caring. They should be a "people person" and enjoy interacting and communicating with others. Being able to provide a calm and reassuring presence in the surgery is great for patients who are on the nervous side when it comes to visiting dentists.

Being a dentist's assistant has a number of advantages. First of all, you can find work anywhere as there are dental offices in every location where you might be living or would like to live. There are also plenty of jobs available and they come with a respectable salary too. Dentist assistants also tend to report high levels of job satisfaction.

During your training you will be taught all the necessary skills to be able to perform the duties of a dentist's assistant competently and confidently. The first skills will be in patient care, to ensure that you are able to keep them calm at all stages of procedures in the surgery. On top of this you will be taught different aspects of safety and hygiene. It is essential that the practice is a sterile environment where the risk of infection is zero.

You will also be taught how to educate patients in the correct oral health care as well as managing the daily administration tasks of running a dentist's practice. Another important aspect of the job that every dentist's assistant needs to be able to handle is operating x-ray equipment and taking x-rays safely.

You can find dental assistant training courses all throughout the country, but before enrolling you should ensure that the course you are considering is an accredited one. You can verify this by contacting the American Dental Assistants Association or similar group. When you have completed the course you will be a certified assistant and be able to find employment in a dentist's practice and begin your career.

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