Monday, March 7, 2011

Tips For Getting into Engineering Colleges

By Cameron Stone

Being admitted into Engineering Colleges can be tough, depending on which college are applying to. Top institutions, such as Stanford University may well turn down admission to even the very best applicants, whilst applications at smaller less famous colleges may have less strenuous prerequisites.

You ought to match your planning to your preferred schools, but there are some standard principles that apply overall. In addition to thinking about your engineering requirements you will also need to think about the general entry requirements for the university - these must be met at the very least.

Pretty much all colleges require test result from either the SAT or ACT exams. Most colleges will accept either examination without preference. Colleges that specialize in Engineering programs may have more transparent requirements for math and science results, however even if you are contemplating a liberal arts school or general undergraduate program that does not expect you to declare your engineering major in advance, you ought to still think about the science and math requirements to ensure you possess the basis for studying engineering eventually in your college degree - keep in mind just because a college's general admission doesn't require algebra doesn't imply that the engineering department won't.

Most engineering programs will ask for a minimum of four years English, Math and Science. For more popular colleges you will need to take one or more Math and 1 Science test, in addition to the SAT reasoning or ACT writing test. Advanced Placement programs will likely be required for the more difficult to get into colleges.

Hardly any colleges release required scores but better schools will require 660 plus writing and 730 math, additionally, the more competitive will require more.

The majority of colleges tell you they are searching for 'well rounded' candidates with more than just good test scores. The fact is that without having good test scores you won't gain admission to leading colleges, but then again good test scores alone are not enough. Despite the schools claiming they are trying to find a varied cohort, the majority of top engineering colleges have got a pretty standard look about them. Not so much well rounded as over achiever.

However even less competitive colleges would like students to have a lot more than test scores. Involvement in extra curricula activities - especially those of a non-academic character, are viewed positively. Clubs, sports, volunteer work all qualify.

Like test scores, a necessary GPA is not typically released by schools. However like test scores, obviously higher is better. The most competitive colleges will likely be looking a score someplace near 4.0. Other universities could be in the 3.2 to 3.5 range. Engineering programs have a tendency to be very competitive.

Different engineering colleges and programs will have further demands including portfolios, interviews and essays.

Different engineering schools and programs will have additional requirements including portfolios, interviews and essays.

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