Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rewarding Careers Are Open To Those With An Education Degree

By Michelle Conner

Getting a degree in education is a great choice for many prospective students. Students who are good at speaking in front of groups, have a talent for instruction, and who enjoy working closely with others may love this field. An education degree can have many different specializations. It is important that a student considering an education major carefully evaluate all of them.

For those wanting to work with preschool aged children, a degree in Early Childhood Education may be their perfect match. Most universities have degree programs in Early Childhood Education, but their requirements differ. They may only require some experience with young children, but others can require some classes at a community college. The expected salary can be low in the beginning, but increase over time in the field. The internet is will give you additional information about online education.

Becoming an elementary school teacher is a good and reliable career to choose. To do so, a degree in Elementary Education is a necessity. No graduate can teach elementary-aged children without it. Once enrolled in an Elementary Education degree program, students will learn a large range of subject matter, including how best to work with the range of ages in elementary school. They will have to create a large background of knowledge that will allow them to successfully teach science, math, and the other subjects taught in elementary school. Jobs will always be available to people with this degree, but the pay is often only mediocre.

A Special Education degree can be a good choice for students who are patient, kind, and considerate. In a program for Special Education, students are trained to teach children with special needs. The special needs children may have a range of disabilities, from mild learning disabilities to mental retardation.

An ESL Education degree is a focus on teaching English to non-English speakers. In such a program, students will be taught an involved curriculum based on the background of the English language, and they will learn methods that will be best used in the classroom to teach English. ESL teachers can choose to work with elementary school through high school age students, and even adults if they wish.

Love education, but hate getting up in front of a full classroom? It's understandable, and that is why a degree in School Administration is another great option. A School Administration major gives graduates the opportunity to be in charge of school and educational activities by teaching them school law and leadership. These jobs will also be better paid than regular teaching jobs. Checking out additional information about college online will bring additional success.

A degree in Secondary Education prepares future teachers to teach middle and high school. A graduate with a BA in any subject can become this type of a teacher at most public schools, but this degree better prepares those who prefer teaching this age group. For this degree, students are taught teaching methods specific to adolescents. The pay is similar to the pay for other teaching careers, but the work should be rewarding to the point that the pay may not matter.

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