Saturday, March 26, 2011

Automotive Technicians With The Right Skills Are Highly Sought After

By Michelle Conner

If just hearing the sound of a well-tuned engine gets your motor running, you may find yourself gearing up to enroll in an automotive program where you can learn to master a craft while providing a service to others. There are a lot of opportunities for you to consider such as accredited online universities, which could help you find the perfect career. Today's auto mechanic students learn everything from basic engine systems to custom-built, high-performance engines. As a certified automotive technician, you'll be prepared to work on most modern automobiles.

Do you have the patience to test each item to rule it out? Is it a challenge to you when a customer comes in because he/she keeps hearing a loud clunk when his/her car starts at home, but it doesn't happen in the shop? You have just the right personality for the job. Combine that with the right skills learned through an automotive program and you may even rise up to management positions.

It goes without saying that the majority of automotive technology coursework includes servicing, diagnosing, testing and repairing vehicles. And, depending on which program you enroll, you may get to select foreign or domestic automobiles. Many students choose a curriculum specializing in foreign models, while others like a mix.

Gadget-hounds will be thrilled to work with all types of troubleshooting equipment, such as computerized diagnostics, hand-held scanners and engine analyzers. You'll discover all the recent developments in emissions testing as well as new engine repair techniques. There are courses that cover everything from fender to fender, including computerized systems, anti-lock brakes, passenger restraint systems and other components.

The learning environment is broken down into several areas, depending on the automotive program you enroll in. For example, you may have lectures, web tutorials, hands-on lab training and even on-site work at a local car dealership. If you decide to earn an Associate's degree or other school options like online college, you'll also have liberal arts classes. It can prove helpful to know psych and handy to learn better ways to communicate when facing an angry customer.

Dealerships often sponsor automotive programs to prepare students to become an Automotive Service Technician who specializes in specific company's vehicles. You'll work as an apprentice, basically, and learn to diagnose those makes and models, almost exclusively, using dealer parts. If offered, it's so beneficial to grab the chance to participate in this intense 6 to 12 week experience because promising students may be offered a job upon completion.

You also may have the option of enrolling in the newest technologies related to "green" initiatives as they relate to automotive technology programs. When working on hybrid vehicles, you'll learn about high-voltage safety and safe working habits when performing service or maintenance on these types of cars. This is an ideal course for you whether you're a new automotive technician or a great course to market if you're already in the field to bring in specific customers.

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