Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Experience Of Working In The Banking Industry

By David L. Johnson

A walk into the nearest bank will tell you a new story. Gone are the conservative processes and people, you see smart customer relationship executives reaching out to provide you quality service. The face of banking has changed alongside other companies like insurance which have jumped into the bandwagon to provide similar products to the customers.

There is a sea of change in the banking process. The quality of the staff too has been revamped along with the processes too. The face of the bank today happens to be the customer service executives who are supported at the background by domain experts who help service the customers. This structure is making way for lot of new talent and vacancies.

Banks invest a lot into training and drawing up processes for all jobs at the bank. If you consider the entry level jobs of a teller and a cheque collector, you will find that they are not only trained in process and in communication with the customer, their job is highly process driven with measurements against benchmarks.

Once a candidate has been trained and is experienced, he can target to grow within the bank for the opportunities provided are plenty. Based on the performance and the attitude he or she can soon become a team leader within a few years time. There are further career opportunities available even that of becoming a branch manager for which one needs to qualify and pass the banking exams.

One can also join the bank as a graduate management trainee, where you get to work in all jobs and roles on job rotation for more than two years before being given a fixed permanent posting in a particular department. Such people get a wider perspective and with depth of experience backed by academic qualification are poised to grow to become managers in the bank.

The banking processes and working style has changed. Hence now there is a lot of emphasis laid on employee training especially in IT systems and customer handling. The banking hours and working days have also changed. Depending upon the location of the branch the banks might work on Sundays to be of use to the customers.

If you are evaluating the salary levels, the banking sector is on par with the rest of the industry. Depending upon the role and responsibility the slabs are fixed and increments are based on performance appraisal. What makes it more lucrative is that besides salary the bank employees are entitled to subsidized mortgage loans as well as bonus, pension and insurance too.

If you are a graduate or holding a higher professional degree in financial segment, then banking is the sector for you. Retail banking has openings in various roles starting from Credit Analyst, Loan officer, Mortgage banker to back end operations in accounting, IT, credit card operations as well as marketing jobs and investor relations jobs etc.

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