Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Learn To Help People By Becoming A Psychologist

By Michelle Conner

Psychology is a very rich field focused on the study of the mind, environment, and behavior. It attracts people who want to help others, or who simply want to understand the intricacies of the brain. A Psychology degree offers the opportunity to prepare a student for a career in Psychology. A student may go for their bachelor's, master's, or one of the three types of doctoral degrees.

A bachelor's degree in Psychology is four years of creating a knowledge base in Psychology, including learning the research methods and the history. It is an excellent choice of degree because it gives the graduate the opportunity to choose almost any career. The knowledge and the skills taught prepare any Psychology graduate for the career he or she wants. However, a bachelor's in Psychology alone will not allow a graduate to practice clinical Psychology. The internet is a good place to find an abundance of information about online classes.

Getting a master's degree in Psychology is a good choice. It will open up a variety of opportunities, so a graduate with a master's will be able to practice counseling at many firms, nonprofit organizations, or government agencies. The coursework focuses almost exclusively on counseling. Different programs may specialize in counseling for certain groups, such as marriage counseling, drug and addiction counseling, or prison counseling. A student coming out of the program will have excellent skills in that area.

Choosing to attempt a doctoral degree in Psychology can be a big commitment. Eight years of study in any field can seem impossible. However, a doctoral degree in Psychology is often the best option for some people. It can lead to opportunities in clinics, private practice, and teaching at universities. First, a student must determine which doctoral degree to go for as there are a few different types.

One type of doctoral degree is the PhD, the most popular and most frequently received in Psychology. The coursework focuses on psychological research and students are required to conduct quite a lot of experiments to prepare them for work in research. Programs may be in behavioral Psychology, biological, or psychoanalytic studies. Students will leave the program prepared for work in research, private practice, and teaching.

Another degree option is the PsyD. This doctoral program has little to no focus on research, and it is an excellent choice for people only interested in clinical practice. Students learn all about practicing psychotherapy on individuals and groups, and family and relationship counseling. This degree will lead right into clinical practice, and enable graduates to become definitive experts at counseling. Researching additional information about eLearners will bring additional success.

There is also the EdD doctoral degree program in Psychology. In the program, coursework will educate students on understanding how humans learn and how to engage the learning process. Upon receipt of this degree, graduates will be considered educational psychologists. They can use this degree to teach Psychology and can still go into clinical Psychology if they choose to.

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