Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Applications iPhone Gives to Toddlers as a Additional Market Base

By Daryl B. Chapman

Who says toddlers only know how to play with toys? They also play with iPhones. Toddlers make up to Apple Applications' long list of consumers as the children's entertainment market rises even if they did not see developing like that in the coming years. The dynamic visuals and graphics of the iPhone presented kids, toddlers, and their parents a rousing means to learn the fundamentals of study such as reading alphabets, recognizing letters and music, and up to familiarizing with good behaviors.

In fact, latest studies have even shown that these breakthroughs in iPhone incite brain development of autistic kinds and those with difficulty in reading or dyslexia. So now, let us take a look at some prevailing and really effective toddler apps to decide on for our little ones.

ABC = 123 Blocks This consists of learning four plain things in school for your kid: alphabet, numbers, shapes and music. The alphabet section allows your kids to flip through the letters and match them with the animals given. On numbers, children ought to tap the number appearing on the screen and hear how it is pronounced and written. The shape section allows your child to be familiar with the shapes and colors. And finally, in the music section, let your kids hear music and write their own songs. You know what's even cooler about this app is that it was developed by parents who have kids of their own.

Animals for Toddlers This is a cool app which will assist your children learn about animals. It is done through flashing pictures of animals on flashcards on the monitor, conducting quizzes, and of course, a sound board to hear what these animals are capable of doing. There are at least 40 vibrant flashcards available. The soundboard spell words along with the letter animation synchronized with a lovely voice and and tests you what you have gotten so far. It's auditory features appeals so much to little ones and even to their parents.

On other applications, numbers, letters, and shapes alternatively rise on the screen. And each time your child touches the screen, a new letter, another number, or another shape will show in front. There will also be a voice telling that which have appeared every time your child touches it. Confidently, your child will like doing this over and over again.

Toddler Counting This toddler counting makes counting a more pleasant experience for toddlers as they watch vibrant things on the monitor while doing so. . After a good job at counting, the Toddler Counting application will applaud you child's job well done which is certainly stimulating to boost your kids' mood to study.

Firstwords: Deluxe This feature teaches kids to spell words and understand letters. This app has 147 words; 44 animals, 35 vehicles, 14 colors, 22 shapes and 32 words from around the house to learn on.

KidCalc -7-in-1 Math Fun This is a fun way for your kids to learn about numbers including more advanced math concepts for younger children.

iReward This feature on the other hand teaches our kids what good behaviours are and reinforces them.

Bringing products pertinent to the needs of the wider market base is a good initiative for the manufacturing industries. Who will say these high-end technologies now are only for big men? With these iPhone features, learning was made amusing and arousing and anticipating for children while being able to enjoy complicated gadgets. These are by now out in the market at affordable prices. Take now the apps suitable for you and for your kids to learn. You will behold that get your money's worth.

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