Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Basic Look At College Admissions

By Tom Addison

Whether you seek higher education right out of high school or are looking to go back after a number of years, it I wise to understand the college admissions process. There will many things to take care of including taking entrance exams, gathering up some quality recommendations and writing good college admission essays. Here we will look at some of the steps you should prepare to take in hopes of getting you those acceptance letters.

Generally speaking there are five decisive factors that college admissions officers look at when making their decisions. It is important to note that the weight attached to these criteria varies by admission departments. Let's start with the grades on your high school transcript.

Obviously, the better grades you have, the better. But there is more to see than just whether you got all As and Bs. Officers will also take a look at which classes you took. Honors classes are more impressive than regular classes. They might also see what kind of scope of subjects you covered.

Next up is the SAT score. The more competitive the school is, the higher they will want your scores to be. The good news is that you can get prepared for this test and improve your chances of a better score.

Many schools will be very interested in reading candidates' college admission essays. This will give them a better insight into you, the person, while also giving them a sample of your writing ability.

The last two things to complete your application are extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation. Teachers who are familiar with your work and whom you think will say good things about you are the ones to ask. Also include information about your accomplishments and talents. Mention any jobs you have held. Work, clubs or other participation in things like music, art or sports will impress the decision makers.

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