Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Possible Next Stride After Achieving A Bachelors

By Tom Addison

Depending on one's field of study and are of interest and expertise, those who have obtained an undergraduate degree may find numerous options for what to do next. Starting a career is always an option but these days having a bachelor's alone does not guarantee a job. One other option is to attend graduate school.

There are many types of graduate school that someone may attend. There are numerous online schools that have gained popularity recently due to their ease of completion, lax admission requirements and flexible schedules. Traditional grad schools provide a route for those wanting to attend classes in person and obtain a more reputable degree. Also, there are grad schools for specialties like law and medicine called law schools and medical colleges.

Admission requirements vary depending on which type of school the student wishes to apply for. Most online schools do not have any specific requirements other than to pay tuition and be enrolled. Traditional graduate schools may require some academic standardized testing such as the GRE or graduate record examination. For law schools, students must take the LSAT or law school admission test and for medical school there is an MCAT or medical college admission test.

These tests are not just a recommendation, they are a requirement. It is best to study hard and pass or surpass your peers in your scores.

Once a school has been chosen, an application must be submitted. Typically applications consist of essay questions, general questions, and letters of recommendation. Letters must be written from those with which the applicant has had a professional or teacher/student type relationship with. These letters should be positive as any negative thoughts will be detrimental to the applicant.

After the application and tests are completed the school can decide to set up an in person or telephone interview with the applicant. This is the applicants chance to meet the admissions committee face to face. Once admission is offered the student can then apply for financial help, aid or loans, make a schedule, and start attending classes!

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