Friday, April 8, 2011

Opting To Take Up A Medical Lab Technician Job

By Ada C. Young

A Medical lab Technician can be the right job from the word that's going around. It does offer you great benefits when compared to the job you presently are at. But wait a minute and think about what exactly constitutes the job and if you will be able to meet the demands of the job.

The routine way has always been to get a certificate or associate degree by attending a course which certifies you after giving you the appropriate training. Thus once you go out job hunting your task is further simplified as the employer will know that you are capable of performing the required tasks.

A major part of the job includes testing samples of patients and hence you will receive adequate training on how to do it in a safe manner so as not to cause harm to yourself or the neighboring patients. It is not a cumbersome process as long as you stick on the set down procedures.

On a regular basis medical lab technicians are required to prepare specimens of blood and other body fluids. They are also required to analyze this specimen and go about some regular tests which may be manual or automated in nature. All of these fall within what you would have learnt.

You might be searching for abnormalities, drugs, blood type, bacteria, parasites, microorganisms, and chemicals in the samples given by patients. Although most of the higher analysis is done by others in the lab based on their qualifications, the simpler tests have to be performed by a lab technician.

Being a lab technician means that you will be required to operate many instruments based on the tests that you are carrying out. Microscopes and cell counters as well as many automated machines are some examples of your work environment.

Automation has greatly taken over most of the work that used to be done manually and thus the essential job of a technician today is that of analysis of the results.

Being medical lab technicians you will be placed below a medical lab technologist who has superior training to yours and thus will have to do more complex work in the lab.

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