Sunday, April 17, 2011

What You Have To Understand Concerning The CLEP Biology Test

By Tom Addison

You are able to get college credit for knowledge you already have by doing the CLEP biology examination. It is possible for you to obtain credit for the knowledge that you have obtained through doing independent study, cultural pursuits, professional development, on the job training or internships. The information that forms part of the biology CLEP test is generally similar to that taught in a 12 month general biology course.

The subject matter that is tested covers a broad area of the biological sciences. It is organized into three major categories. These categories are population, organismal, and cellular and molecular biology.

There are normally 115 questions contained in the examination, and it needs to be completed within 90 minutes. The questions that fall into the pretest category will have no score attached to them. Time that you spend on tutorials or on providing your personal information will be extra to the time that is allowed for the examination.

The examination questions are equally spread over the three main categories. For the section on molecular and cellular, you will need to have knowledge of the chemical composition of organisms. It also covers information regarding cells, enzymes, energy transformations and cell division. The chemical nature of the gene is also covered.

Knowledge required for the section about population includes the principles of evolution, behavior, ecology, and social structure. Knowledge regarding the structure as well as the function of plants, and in particular angiosperms, will be needed for the section on organismal. This test will also include questions regarding plant development and reproduction. The function and the structure of animals will fall into this category, with an emphasis on vertebrates. A section on animal development and animal reproduction will be included here. Another section that will be covered in this category is principles of heredity.

You will require related knowledge and specific skills if you wish to undertake the CLEP Biology examination. It will be necessary to have knowledge of the processes, principles and facts of biology. Your knowledge for the CLEP biology test should cover how information is organized, interpreted and how the conclusions are drawn. You should know how further predictions are made from the information that has been collected.

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