Sunday, April 10, 2011

Homeschooling Questions of Socialization

By Danyelle Kagimoto

There are no guarantees when it comes to homeschooling and socialization. Even children who attend a public or private school can emerge with underdeveloped social skills. Perhaps the effects of a negative social atmosphere were too great for some children. However, there are certain approaches parents can pursue if they are thinking about homeschooling their children. It's basically engaging in research and learning. But just keep in mind you may be able to find a healthy amount of available activities for children who are home-schooled.

There is also the debate that the same amount of time is not the same in terms of educational quality. We discovered that for approximately two hours of home school will equal roughly six hours of education in a public school. There are reports that some home schooled children can accomplish more in terms of study and learning at home. These kids can then have more time to socialize in their other pursuits rather than spending the day in school. Organizations are beginning to create specialized activities for homeschoolers so they are able to have a social outlet.

In many cases, the financial situation of the parents plays a significant role in the socialization of a home schooled child. Children can theoretically participate in any number of social activities, as they're not really hard to find.

The problem is, not all parents who home school their kids are in a position to pay the fees for the various groups, clubs, classes, etc. where the kids could meet their peers. So whether or not the home schooled child can take part in all these activities will depend partly on the financial situation of the parents. Public school may actually be seen as something desirable, at least from the outside, if your home schooled kids see that most other kids go there. That can happen if the parents are a little overly zealous to protect their children from the world.

Another point that has been made is there is a trade-off in terms of degree of socialization, but it is worth it when other considerations are made. The homeschooler can be spared the negative types of social encounters that are found at public and private schools. That can be of huge significance when it comes to how damaging an institutional school environment can be. This is especially true for those students who are at a social disadvantage at a public school. There are positive and healthy advantages experienced in schooling at home.

Children who are home schooled often have the opportunity to experience a unique and thorough education. Parents who take this route, however, are taking on a great responsibility, so they must be ready to live up to it. Children must be given every opportunity to develop socially, as this is something everyone needs. A well-rounded child who is home-schooled could possibly have the best of both worlds.

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