Friday, April 1, 2011

Move Up In Your Career By Completing A College Degree

By Michelle Conner

Today, more than ever, a college degree can be your ticket to a better career and a higher salary. According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, workers over 18 with a bachelor's degree earned an average of $51,000 a year, while those with only a high school diploma earned an average of only $28,000. The average salary increases to $75,000 with an advanced degree, such as a master's or PhD. Want to increase your earning potential and career satisfaction? A college degree can help you reach those goals.

While a higher paying job isn't guaranteed to college graduates, a college degree does unlock more doors for the potential employee. You can't be admitted to a law school or medical school without first earning a bachelor's degree. And if you're considering joining the military, consider that a college degree is required to reach the rank of non-commissioned officer. It's a good bet these successful students started by researching find an online college.

Some argue that they simply don't have the time to attend college due to current work or family obligations. This problem is relatively easy to solve with the rise in availability of online degree programs. You can schedule your online classes so that they don't conflict with your other time concerns and eliminate the extra time traditionally needed to drive to and from classes.

Maybe money is tight, and you don't think that you can afford to attend college right now. A wealth of resources are available to students through both state and federal agencies. You can begin your search for information on student financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This can also be accomplished online, and the Federal Student Aid website offers many tools to help you in your search.

Let's say that you want to pursue a career in music or dance. You may not think that college is the right choice for you, but more schools are offering majors in these non-traditional fields every day. Look into degree programs in your chosen field and you may just find that college is a good way to reach your career goals. Many degree programs are even being offered via distance learning, so that you have a wider range of schools and degree programs to choose from.

Most schools also offer remedial courses in basic subjects like English, science, and math. This means that just because you weren't always above the average in high school, you can still earn a college degree. You may actually find that you even enjoy some of those subjects that gave you some trouble in high school. College can help you discover hidden talents that you never realized you possessed. Researching more information about Researching more information about online degree programs accredited colleges should be done before making career-impacting decisions..

According to the College Board, thousands of students currently attending college don't know for certain what they want to major in. Attending classes and discovering what they are good at, as well as what they enjoy, will help them in this decision process. If you aren't certain what direction your career path should take, attending college classes may just open up new horizons you hadn't considered before.

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