Monday, April 11, 2011

Suggestions To Follow For The Improvement Of Learning Speed

By Roger Tramer

There is often a deep concern about learning speed among students. They feel quite nervous about how much they are retaining of the material that they have decided to study. Many though also have a need to seek a way in which they can relax. An example of this is the fact that they learn deep breathing exercises, find outlets for laughter, and often get up and move around some.

There are of course other things that need to be kept in mind besides being relaxed for enhancing one's learning experience. One is that actions, thoughts, deeds, and the words are all linked in order to accomplish those learning goals in the best possible way. Thus one must experience the training through the heart and mind to ensure that it will be effective in a maximum way.

If there are textbooks to be studied for example then the way one should read them is often different than the way that newspapers are read. Thus in order to get through them faster one will need to practice skimming the paragraphs for ideas and main points rather than individual words.

Using a technique known as finger tracking can also be helpful too. The eye is tricked into following the finger at the pace it sets when moving underneath the lines of text on the page. Thus there is no lingering time allowed which often prevents a person from getting stuck.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the material that is being studied can have an effect on the pace in which it is assimilated. For example in reading something that is considered light like a novel or a story that is short the level of concentration does not have to be particularly high. On the other hand one would need more intense concentration for the information that is needed for a final exam.

Listening to one's favorite songs can also give them a boost in the retention of the knowledge that they are studying. Thus one can better prepare for a test in a college course or a high school midterm by associating certain facts with certain lyrics or notes. Thus one will have fun in their endeavors which in the end will heighten their attention and aid in memorization.

One's learning speed will often be affected by the environment that person finds their self in. Thus it is important to take the necessary step to ensure that their study area is devoid of many distractions. Including a myriad of conversations, barking dogs, and traffic sounds. Therefore it is advantageous to go to a place that is a quiet one and if one can not go there then one can invent such a location.

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