Monday, April 25, 2011

Study In Australia

By Andres Rudh

The goal of the Australian education is to excellence and preparedness in confronting the world of professionals. It has a lot of international students making it top three largest English speaking international students in the world. For those who are in other countries and want to pursue their higher education, Australia is usually their preferred country. You can find numerous reasons why Australia is considered a preferred country that others might want to study. Some of these reasons are mentioned below:

1. Excellent Education and Training: Australian education always aims for excellence in whatever field or course you choose to be in. It trains students what is practical and career developing elements in their field. This helps students to be ready when exposed to the real world of professionals and how to be passionate with their career. And lastly, the staffs were not just chosen anywhere but were really chosen carefully from all over the world to ensure quality learning to students.

2. Quality Education: Quality education for all the students is always the main goal of Australian education system. They are continually striving hard to provide international students the best education and training. True enough to its word of honor; they have an Australian policy for international students that it has enacted legislation to guarantee the regulation for providing education services. They even have organizations made especially to ensure quality assurance in terms of academics. These are the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) and the Australian Quality Training Framework 2007 (AQTF 2007).

3. A Safe and Multicultural Atmosphere: It has been an obligation of Australia to give its international students an environment that is friendly, safe, and most of all multicultural. This multicultural title has been accompanied with Australia since a lot of people from other countries, about 200 countries to be more specific, have been settling down here in Australia. In terms of the peacefulness, well this country has very low crime rates and political turmoil is rare.

4. Low Expenses and High Value for Money

Money is not really a problem in Australia especially in terms of the education expense. It has been made to a point that the tuition fee and the living expense in this country must not be costly in fact it is even much cheaper compared to the United Kingdom or even in the United States.

5. Recognized Qualifications

6. Support and Care

The support and care for international students in a foreign land like Australia is never taken for granted. It is seen through the laws and human relations how well we take good care of our foreign students. These services offered are made available to cater to their needs as students in a foreign country and these are certified of quality. Such services are language tuition, designated international student advisers, application and visa-processing assistance, on-arrival reception and orientation programs and health, counseling, accommodation and employment services. These are called special since it is really made to address the problems of our international students.

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