Friday, April 29, 2011

Is There a Better Place than Toronto to Learn English as Second Language?

By Joel Stevenson

It is hard to imagine that there could be a city where individuals from so many different ethnic backgrounds live. It seems like every race imaginable is represented in Canada. The truly wonderful thing is that all of these different groups, with their different backgrounds and values, are able to live in almost-perfect harmony. Toronto is truly an example of what a melting pot should be like. The great thing about the way that Toronto is set up is that when a person leaves their homeland to come to Toronto, they are able to find restaurants, places of worship, and activities that will make them feel comfortable and less homesick.

Lots of the people who come to Toronto from other parts of the world are not planning on living in Toronto forever. A large majority of the immigrants are actually students that have a student visa that allows the person to live in the city while they obtain an education. When the individual's schooling is done, they will return to their home country. Most students find the idea of being able to get a first rate education while living in a different part of the world to tempting combination to pass up.

Toronto is a very budget friendly city, the cost of tuition and the cost of living is very affordable. Some American students have discovered that they can attend school in Toronto for less money than they would spend on in state tuition in the United States. The fact that the city also enjoys a reputation for being very safe tends to make parents feel better about sending their child away to school. Certainly there are worse places for a student to choose.

There was one pall that was thrown over the city of Toronto and its educational opportunities. It has suddenly become very difficult for some students who would like to attend school in Toronto to get a student visa. This is not the fault the Toronto schools, but rather the Canadian government. Unable to get into the Toronto school that they wanted to attend, the Mexican students were forced to turn to other cities for their education. The Toronto schools were forced to refund the tuition of any student who was unable to enroll because the government denied them their student visa.

Foreign students who decided that they are going to go to a school in Toronto to further their education should be prepared to experience one of the best times of their life. The student will have a seemingly bottomless list of academic fields, including, that Toronto English as a Second Language (Toronto ESL), they can enroll in. In addition to the academics the students will be encouraged to participate in all sorts of life including social events. The students should not expect to spend the entire time on the school's campus. The subway provides an excellent source of transportation from schools like Metropolitan College and into downtown Toronto. In addition to trips into Toronto, students often plan trips during school breaks that take them to places like Niagara Falls, Vancouver, and Montreal.

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