Saturday, April 9, 2011

Training Courses Available For All Young Carpenters In The USA

By James Trent

There are many training courses available for young carpenters in the USA, and even more opportunities to learn the trade. Traditional ways of learning the skills involved in the construction industry are now augmented by the resources of the world wide web.

Even with the downturn in the industry, learning carpentry is full of career opportunities. There are still new developments being built, and many people are commissioning homes or business property on an individual site basis. Every older property needs repair and renovation on occasion, and utility sheds and barns continue to be in demand.

Being a carpenter is also great if you want to be your own boss. It is estimated that almost a third of owner-operated businesses are connected with the building trade. Many contractors specialize in one area and work as sub-contractors for others. However, there are some who can do everything from foundation to roof, including the interior finishing, and make their reputation by doing a superior, turn-key job.

Traditionally a young man (now women are competing for this kind of opportunity as well) would serve as an apprentice to an older workman or team. Learning by watching, by the mentoring of the experienced workers, and by doing, the youth would achieve promotion at the end of a set period of months or years. The Amish and Mennonites, as well as other groups of society, still regularly practice apprenticeship.

This form of learning is usual in some social groups, such as the Mennonites and Amish. However, it is also great for families who wish to foster togetherness and self-sufficiency, and great as part of a home-schooling program. Even working on home projects and repairs can be a sharing experience for children and their parents or grand-parents.

The military and the Job Corps are examples of government programs that can give valuable training in building. The soldiers in Iraq spend much of their time repairing and building schools, hospitals, and other parts of the infrastructure damaged by war. Even volunteering for programs like 'Christmas in April' or 'Habitat For Humanity' can be learning opportunities, since many professionals give their time and talents.

For more than the basic skills, as in reading technical drawings, creating floor plans and building specs, and understanding local codes that set the standards for the industry, there are courses at vocational schools, colleges and universities, and community colleges. This type of learning can also be found online, with courses leading to certification in many aspects of the construction trade.

Anyone who wants to have a career in construction, or who wants to learn how to do home repairs or even build their own structures from sheds to homes has many resources. There are intensive training courses available for young carpenters in the USA, which can lead to having all the skills needed to get started, as well as many ways to learn at your own pace or to specialize.

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