Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Children Gain from The Homeschooling Environment

By Dorine Underdown

Conversing with parents and children who are educated at home can indeed be an interesting experience. There are some marked areas of difference between homeschooling parental teachers and public school teachers but they can both be just as busy. Because of the number of students they are teaching parents do have less work to do than teachers in a classroom by a significant amount. However, we must consider the act of homeschooling an act of a parents love for their children which makes this a bit different. The children can receive life-changing benefits, and that is especially true for children who are different in whatever way. Historically children in public school settings are known for their brutal cruelty towards other children as you probably have either read about, heard on the news or experienced yourself. So you see the benefits are real and concrete in a homeschool setting when compared with public school.

Of course, there is no question of the ultimate educational flexibility you have when teaching your kids at home. You can choose the textbooks you want to use, and there are quite a few options where you can get books. Parents can choose to add books that will enrich their child's learning with in-depth studies of other areas as well. That alone can be an excellent benefit for any student. One example might be, a more focused study of a chosen sub-topic within a main area of concentration which is an approach that will produce a learning environment richer and more in-depth than any other.

So that is another reason for crowded classrooms and less individualized attention. A lot of parents prefer to have their children taught in environments where their spiritual beliefs are taken into consideration. Along the same lines, that type of setting will not subject their children to learning historical areas that are counter to their beliefs. Troublesome children with disruptive behaviors that attend public schools are not a worry for parents who choose to teach their children at home. We all can identify with that issue for the most part.

Of course a lot depends on where you went to school. Nevertheless, we are aware of how much of a problem that can be in a classroom. Teachers and students alike are disrupted when a problem child interrupts the class by acting out causing the teacher to have to intervene. Your child's education time is decreased when this behavior occurs. Not to mention, being taught at home keeps your children from being exposed to children with behavior problems.

Children love going on field trips no matter what type of schools whether private or public. Throughout the school year these field trips aren't happening nearly enough for the average child. Can you imagine what it would be like to take more field trips to help teach your children, of course the type of outing would depend on where you live. It's pretty likely that if you live near a large city there will be museums available for field trip visits. On the other hand, you can take a field trip to just about anywhere and make it an excellent way to learn about science, biology or nature.

Both parents and children often find that homeschooling is more fun and exciting than other methods of education. The reason for this is there is more opportunity to put creativity into education. There really is no reason why everything needs to be taught in a classroom. When learning actually becomes fun, or even new and exciting, then the young mind becomes stimulated. That alone can lead to a greater interest in learning and education.

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