Wednesday, April 27, 2011

London Accountancy Courses Deliver Success

By David Campbell

Accountants are always in demand. Businesses of all sizes, from the most modest to the international usually require their services. The world of economics is complex and growing more so. Tax legislation is vast and ever changing and ensuring all legal requirements are met is never easy. If bad advice is given or heeded, or a lack of knowledge results in a poor decision then the result can be costly. There are serious financial consequences for businesses and individuals who get it wrong. London accountancy courses produce countless new professionals every year.

Accountancy is one of the most complicated and skilled fields that anyone can choose to enter. The training is rigorous, the exams that have to be passed are demanding. This makes gaining an accountancy qualification a very real achievement. More and more people are now looking to enter the field and they are doing it through a variety of routes.

The university route is probably the most common way to enter the profession. It usually takes around three years and can result in a bachelors qualification. This will normally enable the student to study for professional qualifications along the way, and those who complete these programmes have a very good record of finding employment within a short space of time.

These degree programmes are offered at a number of London universities, and students from across the globe can be found taking them. Places are not easy to come by and competition is stiff.

There are part-time options available for people who prefer to work and study. These are usually geared at career changers or people who are frustrated at a lower paid job and want a new challenge. The main provider of these courses are further education institutions of which there are many across the city. Other providers are private institutions that specialize in accountancy and related fields. Many students will progress to full-time courses.

Large firms in the city will also employ graduates from other fields to join career based programmes that train them to be accountants. This will usually include lots of home study and takes a very disciplined and hard working nature to achieve success. This can be a demanding option but the rewards and benefits are immense for the right candidates. Masters and doctoral programmes are also available for skilled practitioners in the field.

London accountancy courses are varied and offer a way for people from different backgrounds to enter this lucrative, interesting and demanding profession.

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