Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Quick Guide To Lesson Plan Writing

By Lenard Neisler

Most good teachers will agree that lesson plan writing is an essential skill that needs mastering. A good plan will help the teacher to be organized, which will lead to the classroom and students being organized. In addition it will mean that a substitute can quickly take over a class without disrupting the studies of the pupils.

Before planning an individual lesson it is usually helpful to take an overview of the entire year. Block out days that will result in lessons not taking place, for example field trips, exam days, holidays etc. Allow time for revision and unforeseen circumstances then divide the curriculum that needs to be learned over the days that are left.

When writing the plan for each individual lesson a good beginning is to consider what the goals of that lesson are. For example a section of the textbook may want to be covered, a practical experiment performed, or written work completed. Home work may also be planned. A good planning document will also include how it will likely be checked that the pupils have learned what they should have.

When it has been decided what will be taught then a decision should be made about how it'll be taught. What activities will the students be doing during the lesson. Make plans to include all the various styles of learning and way to make sure that the better students are not bored and the slower students are getting help and not holding the rest of the class up.

Planning the materials needed is a necessary step. The students should bring in items, if so they will have to be told and reminded in advance and contingency plans made for individuals who forget.

Lesson plan writing is a continuous process. After each class and evaluation future plans for the course should be reviewed and adjusted. After each course has been run the plans can be reviewed and improved for the next time that the courses run.

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