Friday, April 15, 2011

Do's And Don'ts In Hiring The Service Of A Personal Tutor

By Mavic Gray

Parents hire private instructors with the belief that they perform exactly the same job that school teachers do. It is true that tutors and teachers follow the same mission statement in doing their jobs. Their functions, however, are not interchangeable.

First off, students that demonstrate learning difficulties require more individualized attention in order to make positive changes in how they learn. A teacher does conduct intense, close scrutiny of individual students. This is done on an occasional basis, however. This is quite understandable because the curriculum for classroom setting is designed for collective learning. Students are thus given enough time and opportunities to learn how they can cope with the lessons on their own.

However, there is a small percentage of the class that will find this particular teaching design challenging. And that small percentage is none other than the students who need to spend time learning with a personal teacher or tutor. Through one-on-one teaching approach, students are provided with sustained, personalized instruction because tutors have enough time observing students learning behavior. Tutors indeed offer closer scrutiny of the student's learning performance so they can gather as much information about the student's learning struggles.

Another mistake that parents often commit when hiring tutoring services is that, sometimes, they go overboard. There are parents who completely say their frustration right before the child and the tutor. In instances like this, tutors have to be neutral in their response so students with learning difficulties will realize that there are other people that have not yet given up on them.

Tutors, however, should not baby their students. Tutors can exhibit their authority without saying embarrassing words regarding the student's performance. Hence, a tutor can tell the student that the next meetings will be cancelled if he will not take his homework seriously.

The tutor has to say this directly to the student so the latter will realize that this issue is a matter between the two of them. The student will certainly show initiative because he does not want his tutor to do what his teacher commonly does when his class performance is poor; that is, to invite his parents to come to school.

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