Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Do We Mean When We Mention The Term "Health Science"

By Mary M. Marion

True we are moving fast towards a highly evolved society with rapid advancement in all fields of technology, communication as well as sciences. There are innumerable new terminologies that have come into existence, for eg: 'health science'. Though the term may be newly coined, the science has been in practice for ages.

What does Health science mean to you? It can mean different things to different people depending upon each one's view point. Health of every individual is a sum of several parts which is not limited to one particular branch alone. We have the physical health or the medical science which looks into the physical ailments. This stream itself has innumerable specialization branches depending upon various disciplines. Besides we have the psychology and psychiatry branch of health science to be considered too.

Take the word science. What does it mean to you? Science denotes a scientific approach to the study of the particular subject where in the principles elucidated can be tested and verified. So when we talk of health sciences, we are referring to the systematic pursuit of laws relating as well as scientific enquiry into the health of man.

We can very well say that Health sciences refers to the practice of general medicine where in the overall health and functioning of the body is viewed holistically including several aspects such as nutrition, fitness, stress and other functional aspects. A health science looks at the overall general health condition as well as the specific function of the various parts of the human body too.

Health sciences is said to have branched into several specialized streams which are innumerable. Some of the most common ones practiced are nutrition, dietics, audiology, speech therapy, physio therapy, occupational health, environment safety and health etc.

Today medical care is no longer restricted to the medical practitioners alone. There are several additional departments of health science that are employed by the hospital in providing holistic care to the patients. Even the business community and corporates are adapting to health science requirements and embracing practices to ensure the safety of their employees.

If you work up and get a PhD in Health Sciences, you can be very successful in the career be it in the hospital segment or in the private clinics and centers. You can even join a corporate and be a part of the global initiatives.

Once you are an expert, then you are in a better position to contribute to the well-being of individuals. You get very many opportunities to study and come out with solutions to people's problems and help them live a better and dignified life.

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