Monday, April 4, 2011

How To Prevent Cramming Before An Examination

By Raul R. Robertson

There is a dark heavy atmosphere inside a campus when an exam is looming. Most students tend to be very anxious when the exams are finally scheduled. This means, lesser time to hang out with friends or go out partying over the weekend. It is time to get serious and sometimes, it can be a bummer for students but for those who want to excel, here are ways on how you can do it effortlessly.

Always have the time to study. You will be facing more problems if you study a night before the exam. You will be loaded with a lot of information that your brain can only handle and you end up feeling exhausted by the time you take your exam. Learn when your exam will be and study weeks before it.

Review your notes and picture them out in your mind. Familiarize the positions of your notes and see if you can picture them out while taking the exam. It will be your own personal note that only you can see.

Rest is an essential factor when it comes to studying. Give yourself a break from studying once in a while but control yourself not to take too many breaks. If you feel that your body is about to give in to sleep, let it. You will feel a lot better when you wake up.

Deal with your other problems first before you tackle your notes. If you have other problems other than your looming exam, try to deal with them first or else you will be thinking of them most of the time rather than focus on your studies.

Start a study plan right at the start of the semester. Once you have your schedule for the entire semester, look at your schedules and see where you can fit in an hour or two of vacant time to study for the concepts a week before they begin. Prepare a schedule for an entire day of the entire week.

Most exams have time limits so learn to juggle all the questions through that time period. If you are stuck in a question, skip it and answer those below then you can return once you are done with the entire exam.

Breathe and never let the pressure overwhelm you. There will be times that students will find ways to relieve themselves of the pressure and it can be beneficial. Just make sure that you do not overdo it.

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